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50 uplifting examples of blog footer design

Blog headers seem to steal all the attention, yet no one likes to end things on a bad note, and that means it’s time to pay more attention to designing blog footers.

When you think about all the important information a footer typically contains, it makes sense to add a certain flair to this area to make a bigger impact.

Canva Design School’s Maria Jose found fifty excellent examples and pulls valuable lessons from each to offer something for every kind of brand.

01. Use a Minimalist Approach


Tennent-Brown uses a plain white background and crisp black text for its footer. A section of large, black type from a section directly above trickles down into it. It’s balanced, simple, and contemporary.

02. Use a Pattern


Create a pattern with meaningful vector icons to use as a background texture for your footer. Australian company, Frank Body, uses a cute pattern in its footer, featuring icons representative of different aspects of the brand.

03. Go Full Screen


Try going full screen instead of confining your footer to a rectangle at the bottom of a page. The National LGBT Museum transforms its entire section into a patterned, full screen contact form and offers traditional footer elements in a condensed section below.

Full story at Canva Design School.

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Graphics credit: Canva

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