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50 ways to show the love via social media


If you wanted to network at a gathering and just stood in the middle of the room talking to yourself, it would be pretty obvious you needed a few pointers as to how to get a really good conversation started, but at the party that is social media, such observations aren’t always as easy to make.

Just like everyone flocks to the person who generally seems interested in other people and gives as much as they get, there are plenty of ways to “show the love” online, which Pam Moore at Social Media Today takes the time to explain. The good news is, using social media means you don’t have to worry if there’s spinach in your teeth. Now, get out there and rock that crowd.

50 Tips to Show the Social Love and be a Good Social Friend

1. Show me your real face! No hiding behind that avatar. I don’t have any friends in real life that are one dimensional, with no eyes or mouth.

2. Listen first, then talk.

3. Speak when spoken to. Don’t ignore me, please.

4. Acknowledge I exist.

5. Acknowledge I am human, not an avatar or logo.

6. Relationships take time. I am not ready for a date night when we just met.

7. Show me the real you. There is only one you. Be that person.

8. Don’t take the fact I trusted you as a connection or friend on a social network for granted. Real friendships are based on trust and integrity.

9. Don’t spam all of my LinkedIn contacts when I trust you and connect with you.

10. If I give you my business card in real life please don’t auto opt me into your spammy enewsletter or start spamming me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Full story at Social Media Today.

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