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50 worst comedies of all time


Revealing one’s favorite movies can be a touchy subject, especially if you’re known to enjoy a foreign film or two then suddenly bust out Beerfest as a fave, so it’s time to put on the big girl/boy panties and check out the fifty worst comedies list from Film.com, but – ha ha – Beerfest is not one of them. Yay!

50. ‘The Ugly Truth’ (2009)

Katherine Heigl is a TV producer whose only characteristics are typical Career Woman tropes: brittle, unfunny, sexually unfulfilled, etc. Gerard Butler plays a piggish TV personality who promises two things: if she follows his advice, she’ll land her sexy surgeon neighbor, and if his advice works, she’ll have to suck it up and continue working with him. Ostensibly, this is a romantic comedy; realistically, it’s a frightening look at what some people think relationships between heterosexual men and women look like. That it was written by three women is mind-boggling. — Jenni Miller.

49. ‘The Pink Panther’ (2006)

A terrible remake is sad enough, but when you have a talented cast comprised of Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer and even Beyoncé Freaking Knowles, it’s time to hide the razor blades. Who gives a crap about the pinkest, most famous diamond in the world when we have to watch a genius like Steve Martin pratfall his way through this forgettable mess? — JM

48. ‘Strange Wilderness’ (2008)

Director/co-writer Fred Wolf and writer Peter Gaulke spent several years writing for “Saturday Night Live,” so it’s easy to imagine that this movie was conceived late at night in the middle of a writing jag where you think everything is really, really funny, probably because you’re high. (By you, we mean Wolf and Gaulke.) In fact, this movie is so dumb that stoners should be offended. Picture the worst, most half-assed “SNL” sketches combined with the sort of R-rated humor that Lorne would never allow. Add in so many penis jokes that there’s even a character named Dick. And then there’s the turkey… Let’s not even talk about the turkey. Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, Justin Long and Steve Zahn (who can occasionally be really good in dramas) star. — JM

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