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52 tips for better writing

Does it seem like your stellar ideas are losing something in translation to the page?

Without an English teacher checking over every draft, it can be hard to get an honest, thorough review of what we pen, so Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. at PsychologyToday is here to give us some pointers, and if it helps, feel free to create a grading rubric and scribble all over your next piece with a red pen.

1. NEVER TRY TO BE COOL: That’s one of 17 cool pieces of advice by writer Steven Heighton in this post.http://www.stevenheighton.com/posts.html#AFewMemosToMyself

2. SHOULD WRITERS BLOG? I blog a lot, but I’m never sure if it’s helpful (to me, in particular). One post of many on Kimberly Davis’s helpful Craft Blog tackles that not so age-old question.http://kimscraftblog.blogspot.com/search/label/blogging

3. CAN’T CREATE? THEN WORK! Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project Blogger at PsychologyToday, shared Henry Miller’s 10 Tips for Writing (from the book Henry Miller on Writing)

4. WRITER’S BEST TOOL: “WHAT IF?” That’s one of the pieces of writing advice at http://vivianvandevelde.com/writingAdvice.cfm Vande Velde is a much-awarded fantasy writer of numerous books for 8-12s, 10 and ups, and 12 and ups (she’s good!).

5. TOO MANY GOALS? Explore PsyBlog, a terrific source for science-based hints about every aspect of psychology. For example, here’s “how to avoid being distracted from your goals”:http://www.spring.org.uk/2011/09/how-to-avoid-being-distracted-from-your-goals.php

6. A CHALLENGING REFRESHER: Writers like the fact that what we do is very hard. The challenge is what grows us.http://elizabethstark.com/2008/12/30/growth-mindset-and-writing-a-celebration-of-risk-and-failure/

Full story at PsychologyToday via HASO.

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