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6 blogging lessons from “Saved by the Bell”


Every generation has its defining sitcoms, and if yours was Saved by the Bell and you happen to be in the blogging biz, today’s your lucky day!

Chiara Mazzucco of TheIndieChicks.com didn’t just veg out or simply take fashion pointers from the iconic tween sitcom, but absorbed the underlying wisdom of its timeless characters and plots so classic you could have lifted them from Shakespeare.

Actually, we suspect someone’s been catching reruns during their downtime, but who cares? It’s an Internet imperative to listen up when Saved by the Bell rings, so it’s time to tune in, bloggers.

1. Be yourself, loud and proud

Screech stood out, without shame.

While thousands of other bloggers, known and unknown, write about the same thing, the only guaranteed way you’ll stand out is if you stay true to who you are and know your voice—without shame…

2. Be trendy

Lisa was oh, so stylish.

You need to be blogging about things people actually want to read about.

The first step is to find your niche. The tighter the niche, the easier being trendy will be. Write on a popular topic that people care about, from a different perspective, with your unique voice…

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Do your blogging homework.

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