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6 fun facts about “Friends”


Television audiences met Monica, Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe when Friends debuted on this date in 1994. The show was an instant ratings hit for NBC and became one of the 1990s’ most iconic sitcoms.

Central Perk shuttered its coffee-slinging service more than six years ago when the show bid farewell, but it lives on in re-runs and pop culture references. Let’s style our hair in the “Rachel” and take a trip back with six fun facts about the six NYC-based pals:

  1. Before settling on the name “Friends,” the series’ creators considered the titles “Insomnia Cafe,” “Six of One,” and “Friends Like Us.”
  2. During the first season of the show, cast members earned $22,500 per episode. By the final season, each raked in a cool one million a show.
  3. NBC execs pushed to replace the coffee house hangout with a diner out of concern a coffee house seemed too hip.
  4. Producers wanted Courteney Cox to play Rachel, but she insisted on auditioning for Monica.
  5. The writers originally planned a big love storyline between Joey and Monica.
  6. Despite being set in New York City, no episodes were ever shot there. Nearly all the episodes were filmed in Burbank, California, including the opening credits fountain scene.

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  • andre hunter

    For me the best one was numer 4, Monica and Rachel were just faboulous in this episode!