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6 Google+ features that Facebook doesn’t have


Heard that Google+ is the new and improved Facebook? Or, in math terms: Google+ ≥ Facebook. Well, not exactly.

If you have yet to score a coveted invite to the Google+ party, you may feel left out and confused about the hype. Luckily, the cool kids at PC Mag got on the guest list and offer a report from inside on the six things Google+ offers than Facebook doesn’t.

A sampling:

  1. A simple, easy-to-use option for sharing photos and post with select friends.
  2. Multi-user video chat
  3. Tune in to a YouTube video in real time with friends
  4. View curated content based on interests
  5. Upload photos and videos to cloud without publishing publicly
  6. Quit

Full explanation and tons more info at PC Mag.

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  • diskincluded

    @YeomanDroid: Do you not understand what a trial is? Advertising something before it’s released is perfectly normal, do you get upset when a movie trailer lists a release date in the next month? If not, why are you getting so upset over this? Learn some patience.