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6 health myths busted


We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t sit too close to the TV screen, or it’ll ruin our eyesight. It’s pretty much standard knowledge, right? Too bad it’s wrong. The discomfort you feel from being too close to a screen is eyestrain, easily relieved by some eye stretches or massaging the areas around your eyes. What about those hand dyers in bathrooms? Way cleaner than paper towels, right? Wrong!

“Dryer or paper towel? It’s a confounding daily dilemma. Molecular biologist Keith Redway, of the University of Westminster, has done a series of experiments to put an end to the debate. He found that jet dryers actually increase the amount of bacteria on users’ hands because the air inside the machines is far from sterile. The driers make the restroom dirtier, too, spewing germs more than six feet. Redway named paper towels the winner.”

Full story at Shine from Yahoo!.

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