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6 ideas for making a great tablet website


Great web design is one thing on a device where users are accessing your site with a more traditional computer, but the enormous increase in tablet usage means that same great website may not still be tops when it comes to “tappiness.”

To achieve tappiness happiness, John Meyer from UX Magazine has six tips at Mashable to help you refocus your design sights on a tablet audience as well, so your business or blog can take advantage of this growing market.

1. Increase the size and margin for buttons and calls-to-action. The average width of the index finger for most adults translates to about 45-57 pixels. Why make your visitor work harder to find and tap the “Buy” button?

2. Ensure links and calls-to-action look tap-able without hover states. Hover states do not exist on a tablet. Style your text links to use a clear, contrasting color. And don’t be afraid to use underlines for the default link state.

Full story at Mashable.

Designed for tablets.

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