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6 monstrous ways to kill a blog


Have a flair for the undead and a knack for failure in the blogosphere?

That likely sounds pretty harsh, but when jumping into the blogging game, there are a few ways that jump can be fatal and leave your blog in the realm of the undead, as veteran blogger Clay Morgan has discovered.

Here are six monstrous types of blogs to avoid becoming in your efforts.

The vampire blogger

Vampire bloggers suck the life out of everyone they encounter. They take but rarely give, and offer little value—let alone anything free.

We all know self-promotion is part of the blogging game. As a new author I’m more painfully aware than ever of the struggle to balance the need for self-promotion with the importance of providing value for readers. But if you take a selfish, “me-first” attitude, then your online career will be in its twilight faster than Dracula can flap his cape.

The zombie blogger

The content of zombie bloggers is stale and rotting. In other words, nothing is ever updated or even really analyzed. Do you recognize your evergreen content and touch it up to maximize reader experience?

Some bloggers seem to crave 404 errors like the living dead crave brains. Don’t let your site fester! Get that thing checked out and always be tweaking and studying your results.

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