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6 sacred rules of public transportation


Perhaps you’ve decided to save a few bucks and forego driving to ride the highway of fun that is public transportation, but before you start waving that metro pass around like it’s a winning lottery ticket, there are a few ground rules you should be aware of that, unfortunately, many people forget.

If you are new, we might give you a day or two to become acclimated, but if you are a repeat violator of Cracked’s six golden rules of public transportation, don’t be surprised if your morning commute is done in close quarters to the guy who ate chili last night. Yes, it’s a sign, and none too subtle a one, either.

#6 Sitting too close

Science has told us that people generally prefer it when everyone else stays at least a couple feet away from them. Obviously, that’s not always going to be practical when we’re riding the loser cruiser, which means that we all have to, at least a little bit, put up with people being up in our grills.

And to make this necessary encroachment somewhat more tolerable, we should at least try to delay it as long as possible: When on a lightly crowded bus or train, don’t sit down beside someone else until it’s absolutely necessary…

#5 Blocking the window seat

Because of how completely bulls**t gravity is, standing is generally more work than sitting, and generally worth avoiding if at all possible. So anyone who makes it more difficult for someone to reach an empty seat is a real gaping a**hole. If you happen to be doing that, say by parking yourself in an aisle seat, thus blocking an empty window seat, well, I hope you didn’t have an appointment to keep. Because your bus is being rerouted straight to hell…

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