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6 signs your blog is sliding


For every piece of advice about how to make a blog succeed, there’s a darker tale at the other end of the spectrum where those dreams start to deflate.

Fanappic.com’s Ashkan describes six signs of a blog’s demise at Problogger to be on the watch for, so you can turn things around in the new year.

Warning sign 1: Declining pages per visit

You should be able to get this figure from any analytics tool. What it reflects is the average number of pages a visitor views every time they visit your blog. Generally, if a visitor likes your blog then they want to click on other links to find out more.

If you look at this figure over the past three or six months and notice the Pages per visit figure is decreasing, then the chances are that your website appeal is also decreasing.

Warning sign 2: Declining average visit duration

This one normally goes hand in hand with the first point. If the reader doesn’t find the content they are looking for, or they’re not happy with the quality of your content, then they will spend less time on your website and abandon the page even before they reach the end of the post.

Full story at Problogger.

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