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6 spectacular U.S. utopian failures

The real world has a nasty tendency to destroy the best laid utopian plans.

Call it a spectacular example of schadenfreude, but we can’t help but smile a bit as Atlas Obscura describes some of the worst utopian community downfalls in U.S. history.

Better luck next time, guys!

The Home Colony and the Radical Nudists

The Pacific West was riddled with an assortment of communitarian settlements in the late 19th century, including names such as “Freeland” and “Equality”. But, none are quite as remembered as Home—an independent group of free love supporters and anarchists who were later involved in a great nudist feud…

Rajneeshpuram Red Vermin and Salmonella Salsa

In the 1980s, people throughout Wasco County, Oregon had heard of the notorious “Red Vermin” or “Red Rats.” For six years, the spiritual Rajneeshpuram utopia plotted extravagant schemes to take over towns and invade local governments, launching the first and largest bioterrorism attack in the United States…

Full story at Atlas Obscura.

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