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6 steps to creating a social media strategy


One does not simply walk into social media success! It takes planning, it takes tenacity, it takes blood, sweat, and tears! Or, it just takes these six simple steps. Follow these steps if you’re trying to build a social media strategy. The first is simple: Listen. Go online and read conversations. Find your audience, figure out what they want, and what people are talking about. Writes Clickz:

Get online and listen to what is being said. What do people think about you and your brand? What are their points of views? Who are key people who influence others and which ones should you cooperate with? What are the various topics? Is the tone of the conversation heated? Do people favor one point of view over the other, or is it mixed?

Determine your audience and where they are online. Blogs are a great place to start looking. Technoratiis a good tool to help you search for blogs and blog posts that have content related to your niche. Twitter and the Twitter network is another great place to gain insight in to conversations that are happening in real time. The advanced Twitter search is one of many tools that will let you isolate specific conversations and monitor them.

Once you have identified where your audience is, then listen to what they are saying. What are their issues, opinions, and needs? How does this information fit with your value proposition? Understanding this information will help you determine how to best contribute to the conversation and how best to make a contribution.

This will help you create the next step: Identify goals.

Full story at Clickz.

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  • Andre McKay

    Great entry, I often find people becoming frusterated with their response rate on social platforms. they either dont get the idea of engaging or simply dont have the patience or interest in for once putting themselves 2nd in a conversation. Listening is key, Content is King, and Following up is just what one should always do. How many times have you purchased something and never recieved a simple "Thank You, how has the product/service been" letter?