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If 6 tech giants had their own soccer teams

Just because the U.S. failed to make the cut for the next World Cup doesn’t mean interest is waning in the rest of the world.

That’s why the folks at Soccer.com thought it would be fun to imagine what the teams and kits of six giant tech companies would look like if they had to take the pitch.


Bill Gates may be the Bill Shankly of the tech world, but Microsoft is not known for its stylish aesthetics. No through-and-through Liverpool red for Microsoft F.C. Instead. they wear a strip combining all the colors of the Windows logo; it would make Jorge Campos blush.

But are they any good? From goalkeeper to attack, Microsoft’s players cover the basics reliably and without frills. Other teams may imitate Microsoft’s best players, but the real fans know who had the originals.


While some will accuse Apple’s imaginary soccer squad of style over substance, it’s undeniable that they get results.

The minimalist design of the Apple brand is reflected in their aluminum-grey kits with sleek, lightweight lining, which allow Apple’s players a pace and versatility that rival teams can only gawk at.

Don’t get too attached to your favorite players, though—just when you think you’ve worked out who Apple’s mainstays are, the company will replace ’em with the new model.

Full story at Soccer.com.

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