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6 tips for creating a convincing crowdfunding video [video]

Never has it been easier to find money to build the widget/movie/utopian community of your dreams thanks to a little thing called crowdfunding.

With the endless variety of projects out there to support, though, how can you make your project stand out? One word: video.

Vimeo knows a few things about making incredible short films of all kinds, including crowdfunding videos that convince potential backers to open their wallets, so sit back and check out their six tips for creating the perfect video.

Do a little bit of research

Take some time and find some successful (and unsuccessful) campaigns from other filmmakers and watch their pitch videos. The series Con Man on Vimeo On Demand is one of the most incredible crowdfunding campaigns to date, raising over $1 million in 24 hours (and over $3 million overall)…

Lay out your idea first

Script! Storyboard! Get a clear and concise vision of exactly how you want to pitch your project to the world. Your video should ideally contain every key point you want to make in under three minutes. There’s nothing worse than a campaign video that drags on and on, so keep it as short as you can…

Full story at Vimeo.

Valuable advice on crowdfunding.

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