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6 tips for part-time entrepreneurs


Not everyone has the means or the freedom to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true on a full-time basis right off the bat, but just because you can’t quite let go of that primary paycheck just yet doesn’t mean you have to let the dream go.

Matthew Toren at Entrepreneur has six tips for making a part-time entrepreneurial gig work because, as the old adage goes, there’s no time like the present.

1. Find balance. Of course, this is what being a part-time entrepreneur is all about. Can you start up and maintain your commitment to your full-time responsibilities? If you get caught up in your business to the point that your full-time job suffers, people will notice and it will cost you opportunities and, potentially, the job itself.

2. Be patient. As a part-time entrepreneur, you simply can’t move forward with your new business at the same pace as those who can work on theirs full-time. And even full-time entrepreneurs never have enough hours in the day. Find the right pace for you so you can see progress without completely wearing yourself out. Be patient; you may not be moving as fast as you would like, but forward is good.

Full story at Entrepreneur.

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