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6 tips on marketing from the experts

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Looking to give your marketing a much-needed boost and want expert advice gathered in one place?

Katie Burke at HubSpot spoke to the experts and found six great pieces of advice as well as how you can carry them out right now when you need them.

After all, Wednesday’s the new Monday, right? (Just with the bonus of being two days closer to the weekend.)

1) Revamp Your “About Us”

Small business marketing expert and Fast Company blogger Shawn Graham describes the “About Us” section of a company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages as “a window into the soul of your business.” He adds, “your About Us section is a unique opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand and to differentiate yourself from competitors.”

Instead, however, “About Us” pages are typically a good way to lull people to sleep with mundane facts, figures, and references alongside a vague description of who you are and how it’s different…

2) “You Don’t Need Cats and Babies to Make Business Videos That Work”

Kevin Daum is the author of the best seller “Video Marketing For Dummies,” so he’s no stranger to cats, babies, and overused memes. He notes, “Often it’s a lack of intention that leads to mediocrity. By aligning on a goal, a target audience, and a core story, your business can benefit significantly from using video to foster growth.” One of the biggest mistakes marketers make with video is trying too hard to “go viral.” Kevin recommends focusing on a specific target population or core business need and developing a remarkable video rooted in that specific goal…

Full story at HubSpot.

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