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6 vegan Thanksgiving recipes to spice up the holiday season


Thanksgiving is the time for families to come together (for better or worse) and break bread, but feeding a family that includes vegans can be a challenge for those whose favorite flavoring is butter and suddenly have to figure out how to whip up that bread without eggs.

Luckily, vegan ingredients and recipes aren’t nearly as rare a commodity as they once were and Becky Striepe at Care2 has six delectable recipes to make your planning that much easier.

Seitan Roast (above)

Seitan is a meat substitute made from vital wheat gluten. It’s basically a seasoned dough that cooks up to have a rich, somewhat meaty texture. Tanya Sitton from Eat Drink Better shares her crowd-pleasing seitan roast recipe

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Winter squash makes a beautiful main course that’s comforting, filling, and very healthy. This recipe serves two people, so you can scale it up for however many folks are coming to your Thanksgiving table!

Full story at Care2.

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