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6 ways to go from being a good boss to being a great boss


Hopefully, we’ve all had a boss or two that we remember fondly, the manager who inspired enthusiasm rather than fear, the fair-dealer rather than the raw one.

If you’d like to go from being a good boss to a great one, Geoffrey James at Inc. has six habits of highly effective bosses to give you some guidance.

1. They Avoid Creating Superstars

Average bosses sometimes allow one employee to become the “star” of the team while ignoring the hard work of everyone else. The “star” gets plenty of recognition and attention while the rest of the team gets shunted aside. This alienates everybody except the star, and sends people the message that their contribution is not valued.

Extraordinary bosses coordinate individual workers’ goals so that they intersect with and support team goals. Such bosses compensate based upon how the team performs (rather than just the individual) and encourage top performers to use their talents to create a broader level of success.

2. They Remove the Non-Performers

Average bosses sometimes hire somebody who can’t do the job–but then keep that person on board, hoping that he or she will figure out things out. This damages the the entire team because it creates a lower level of performance and forces everyone else to do extra work to fill the gaps.

Extraordinary bosses monitor employee performance and provide constructive coaching when an employee falls short. However, once it’s that clear a person can’t perform, they either reassign that employee to a more appropriate job or do him or her a huge favor: suggest finding a job elsewhere.

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