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60 signs you’re addicted to social media and Twitter


Does the thought of being cut off from social media cause you to break out in a cold sweat? When the fire alarm goes off, do you grab your phone before the cat? Chances are it’s time for an intervention, but Pam Moore is here to let you know the signs.

1. You more often than not talk in 140 character increments.

2. You forgot how to spell simple 3 letter words like “you” which you now reference as “U”.

3. You go to the mall for an hour and come home with 10 new blog ideas.

4. The grocery store clerk, mailman, dry cleaner, and Panera Bread head cook all know your twitter handle.

5. You have a favorite seat at Starbucks and Panera bread.

6. You have stayed past closing at least two times at either Panera Bread or Starbucks.

7. You can’t remember the last time you went to the restroom without your Android or iPhone.

8. You regularly sit down in front of your desk first thing in the morning while still wearing your jammies, to “send a few tweets” and then hit the gym. Unfortunately you’re usually still there at lunch time.

9. You are the mayor of Panera Bread, Starbucks, the grocery story, drycleaner and your favorite burger joint.

10. You refuse to do drive by FourSquare as you want to earn your badges the old school way!

11. Your kids know the difference between a twit and a tweet.

12. Your kids could easily describe a retweet, mention, hootsuite, and ping.fm to their friends who have parents who don’t tweet.

13. Your spouse has threatened to divorce you if you don’t leave your cell phone at home at least one date night a month.

14. You have real friends in Australia, the UK, Brazil and at least three other countries. You met them all on Twitter.

15. You know many of your Twitter pals better than you do some neighbors.

Full list at The Marketing Nut.

A love affair with social media.

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  • timelesslisa

    How funny!!! Think I’d qualify if I had a iPhone but I’m close enough. hehe