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7 blogging personality disorders (and tips to avoid being that blogger)

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The internet has revolutionized communication in terms of method, but when it comes to personality, the same behaviors that turn people off in person will also leave you with a blog written for one. If you aren’t hitting the nerve that gets the hits, it could be that your readers are picking up on a blogging personality that’s less than appealing. Laura at Pushing Social has rounded up seven annoying blogging personality types that could be casting a cloud over your content.

The Navel Gazer

Navel gazers are introspective folks who love to share their innermost thoughts and feelings. Their blogs read more like a diary than helpful information that people want to share.

Navel gazers are also notorious for over sharing – everything from way-too-personal details of their lives to every little hiccup in their business.

Now if your blog is purely meant to be your personal journal, that’s fine. However, if you want to build your business around your blog, this will just turn people off. People don’t want to hear about you. They want you to entertain them, solve their problems, and make their lives better.

The Spoilsport

Spoilsports just don’t know how to have a good time. They’re negative, cynical, and always have a contrarian view on issues.

The problem is, deep down at their core, spoilsports are just insecure. They tear others down to make themselves feel better. And all the while, they’re wondering why their blog isn’t as successful as those around them.

If you want to grow a blog community, be positive, kind, and congratulate others on their success. After all, what did our parents always say? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all. Believe it or not, that same rule still applies.

Full story at Pushing Social.

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  • lauraclick

    Thanks for the shout out, Kate! I appreciate you sharing my post from Pushing Social. I hope this helps folks steer clear of some of these blogging pitfalls!

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