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7 delicious, anti-aging foods for women


We’ve all got our daily beautification regimes. Nightly moisturizer, limited exposure to direct sunlight, the occasional hour in a hyperbaric chamber—you know, the usual. But what about your diet? Did you know that your diet can affect how quickly you age? This Yahoo! Shine article gives you seven delicious foods that can slow down the aging process. Here’s just one:

Golden veggies. Just one serving of fiber-filled, deep-yellow-orange vegetables supplies five times the beta carotene you need daily to lower your cancer risk, defend against colds and other infections, and protect your skin from sun damage. The potassium in these veggies also keeps your heartbeat in sync and your blood pressure down. Aim for two half-cup servings a day, the equivalent of one sweet potato, or a cup of butternut squash or carrots.

Full story at Yahoo! Shine.

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