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7 expert tips for making the grade this finals season


If you haven’t cracked a book since midterms, acing the final might not be in the cards, but for those who’ve put in the time and effort, Ioanna Agelothanasis of Ryerson University’s Learning Success Centre has some helpful tips to get you across the finish line with flying colors.

1. Motivate yourself to start. Sometimes it is difficult for students to become motivated to study, especially if there is an overwhelming amount of challenging information to be learned. As a starting point, it is often useful to start with a “pre-studying” planning task in order to push yourself in the right direction, whether it is organizing your lecture notes, making cue cards or outlining a checklist of what needs to be reviewed. This way, you gradually prepare yourself for your study sessions, but also have a better idea of what material you know well, and what material requires more attention.

2. Create a study plan. After you have a better sense about the amount of material that needs to be studied, determine how much time you need to spend on each area and break your time down into manageable shifts. For example, if you have one week to study five chapters, you can commit to studying one chapter a day, and use the remaining two days for review. It is important to note, however, that these study plans will vary from student to student, depending on their current study habits, course loads and personal commitments. It is best to reflect on these aspects to create a plan that is both realistic and manageable while ensuring enough time for breaks and a healthy amount of sleep.

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The finals stretch.

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