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7 foods runners recommend for revving up


If anyone knows about getting a much-needed boost of energy, it’s the running crowd, but rather than turning to energy drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine, why not try some of the natural alternatives the fast crowd swears by?


Beet Juice! No, not Beetle Juice. Beet juice is what one marathon runner swore got him through a 24-hour event. Two studies found that bicyclists who drank the purple potion before an event rode 20 percent more than those just given a placebo. Basically this beneficial beverage lets your muscles take it easy. The nitric acid makes it so your muscles don’t need to exert as much energy while working, which greatly increases stamina.


This next one isn’t only for Iron Man marathons in Hawaii. I’m talking about Coconut Water. This foggy refresher embodies the perfect balance of muscle-supporting potassium and sodium that commercial sports beverages aim for, but without that sugary, highly processed taste.


One sports dietitian advocates baking fingerling potatoes, salting them, and wrapping them up to stuff in your pockets. This way they are easily accessible every 30 minutes or so when your energy depletes. This same carb/sodium combination can be found in small rice balls. Cook sticky rice, add soy sauce, and form small balls to also pocket for a workout.

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