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7 fun facts about the vernal equinox

Spring is upon the northern hemisphere with the arrival of the vernal equinox, so to celebrate the day, freshen up your small talk with a few fun facts about this ancient day of celebration.

Here are some interesting bits of trivia collected by Treehugger’s Melissa Breyer.

1. You say equinox, I say equilux
While “equinox” comes from the Latin for equal night, you probably have heard that actually, day and night are not exactly equal on the equinox. Why? The sun may be crossing the celestial equator, but sunlight can be a fickle thing. Because the sun is a disk and not a point, and because of atmospheric refraction, those of us at mid-temperate latitudes actually get about an extra 8 minutes of daylight on the equinox. For the exact split, we have the unsung hero called the equilux, from the Latin for equal light, which comes a few days before its much-more famous sibling, the equinox.

2. Spring fever is deployed
You may know the symptoms; a flushed face, increased heart rate, daydreaming and a delicious inclination towards romance – all wrapped up in a very strong desire to ditch the drudgery and go outside and frolic. The prognosis? Spring fever. And as it turns out, there may be more to it than emotional exuberance that winter is over. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting a biological basis for the boost of mood, desire and energy that comes with the vernal equinox. Although the exact causes remain elusive, it’s likely that hormones play a role.

Full story at Treehugger.

So much more than just the weather.

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