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7 great budget-friendly, mini-marketing campaigns


Just because your company isn’t in the midst of a major marketing campaign is no reason not to take advantage of the down time to reach out and touch potential customers and clients on a smaller scale and perhaps discover some innovative approaches without breaking the budget.

Tim Donnelly of Inc. spoke to marketing experts who had some great suggestions as to ways to shake up your marketing strategy in the meantime.

1. Experiment with new audiences.

“Throughout the year, large campaigns rarely stray from their core target audiences. But there are opportunities within secondary audiences. To draw on these opportunities, we usually turn to social first. We monitor social campaigns throughout the year and identify key questions and conversations we want to explore further. Then, when we have time, we survey these audiences, conduct small, targeted promotions, or post engaging messages to see what they have to say. More often than not, we learn something new that we weren’t considering for an upcoming launch or get added validation for a new idea or direction.”

—Todd Miller, managing partner, The Archer Group

2. Go big with pop-up events.

“Find a venue where many people who are your customers or prospects show up. Better yet, buy a booth or offer your services for speaking or host a party for customers and encourage them to bring friends. This gives you the chance to speak with current customers to learn what they like/dislike, but mostly it gives you the chance to prospect. Just don’t make the mistake too many business people make after the event: failing to follow up on every lead. If you gathered hundreds of business cards or email addresses then send a thank you and invitation to stay in touch. Offer something of value in this email—a discount, a free newsletter, added features, etc.—then the people most interested will “hand raise” and identify themselves to you for further follow-up and marketing efforts.”

—Linda Worrell, managing director, Red F

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Budget-friendly marketing.

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