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7 habits of highly effective Tweeters


Wondering how to gain more Twitter followers but don’t want to rely on anecdotal evidence alone?

PsyBlog has summarized the results of the first study of Twitter following performed by Hutto et al. (2013) for your scientific pleasure as well as your benefit.

Now, go forth and tweet like a champ.

1. Avoid negative sentiments

If you’re quite a negative Tweeter, then it could be time to change, if you care about getting more followers. In general people are attracted to those who put out broadly positive tweets.

It seems that negative or sarcastic tweets are not endearing. In this study, being consistently negative was one of the strongest predictors of low follower growth. The average ratio was two positive tweets to one negative, so you’d be looking to beat this to help draw in other users.

2. Inform, don’t meform

This one is so important for gaining new followers. A previous study has shown that there are broadly two types of Twitter users (Naaman, 2010):

  • Informers: 20% share information and reply to other users
  • Meformers: 80% mostly send out information about themselves.

This study found that it’s the informers who get more followers, while themeformers lose out.

Being informative was one of the strongest predictors of gaining new followers in this study: this included passing on links and retweeting. In fact being an informer rather than a meformer was associated with 30 times more growth in followers!

Full story at PsyBlog.

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  • Awesome tips. Thank you

  • Terrific tips thank you so much. I just want to add how wonderful I am.

  • Sounds like common sense. Human nature prevails on Twitter.

  • Ms Kate.. You have put up an informative topic for people who want to take some profit for being on twitter. You are right. People follow who are positive and who inform something new.