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7 heartwarming reunions made possible by Twitter


Twitter has the power to break news, spark revolutions, and… find lost dogs. And daughters. And wedding rings. Earlier this month, an Irish Rail commuter and her Jack Russell terrier were separated when Patch the pooch accidentally hopped aboard a train from County Kildare to Dublin, nearly an hour away. Patch and his owner were happily reunited thanks to some shrewd tweeting from the rail company. Twitter has a history of helping bring about these kinds of happy endings. Here, seven cases of the social media juggernaut facilitating heartwarming reunions:

1. An Irish woman and her dog
When Patch boarded a train to Dublin without his owner Deirdre Anglin, Irish Rail workers, upon discovering the Jack Russell terrier was on board alone, sent a tweet that said, “Lost dog!” with a photo of Patch attached. The message was retweeted more than 500 times, finding its way to Anglin in less than 32 minutes. “That’s my dog!” she responded using her own Twitter account. After the two were reunited, a Twitter account was created for Patch, and it will reportedly be dedicated to finding other lost dogs.

2. A Hall of Famer and his labradoodle
When baseball Hall of Famer George Brett lost his beloved pet labradoodle Charlie he turned to his fledgling Twitter account, where he posted a photo of himself with Charlie and asked if anyone who had seen the dog. “#RoyalsNation We can do this,” the former Kansas City Royal tweeted. One day later, he returned to Twitter to announce that, thanks to the number of retweets, postings, and media attention his initial Twitter plea received, Charlie was found and returned.

3. A homeless man and his daughter
Daniel Morales was one of four homeless men who were given cell phones as part of the project Unheard in New York, which tries to give people a glimpse of what life is like for the homeless by giving them smartphones to tweet from. After Morales posted a photo of his daughter, Sarah Rivera, whom he hadn’t seen in 11 years, a stranger who knew Sarah saw the message, reached out to her, and got her in touch with Morales. The father and daughter originally lost contact when Rivera moved from Puerto Rico to the U.S. with her mother. “I feel rejoiced,” Morales said after the reunion.

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