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7 home remedies that actually work


Putting garlic in your shoe won’t cure stinky feet. Rubbing milk and cabbage on your body won’t fix back pain. We have all heard bizarre home remedies that promise to cure every ailment from toothaches to dandruff, and while most of them just leave you looking the fool, a few actually work.

Woman’s Day, in conjunction with Yahoo Health, shared seven home remedies that fix common complaints like eczema, hiccups, and fungus.

Check out a few:

  • Olives for motion sickness
  • Yogurt for bad breath
  • Chewing a pencil for a headache
  • Vapor Rub for nail fungus

Full list, including explanations, at Yahoo! Health.

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  • Jesus Sanchez

    Garlic it’s excelent to treat many diseases