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7 interview questions that reveal emotional IQ

We’ve all met those charming people who seem to have a high emotional IQ, but end up being destructive forces when the pressure to impress is off.

For hiring managers trying to build a solid team, solving this problem can be tricky. Inc. contributor Marcel Schwantes outlines what to look for during the interview process as well as what questions to ask to reveal a quality candidate.

What to Look for In the Job Interview

  • If an applicant talks about a failure, does the comment suggest an awareness of some personal responsibility for the episode, or does he or she simply blame others?
  • When it comes to handling criticism, is the person able to acknowledge any shortcomings and keep things in perspective rather than becoming defensive and making excuses?…

Ask These 7 Interview Questions

  • If you’ve previously reported to multiple supervisors at the same time, how did you get to know each person’s preferences and juggle conflicting priorities?

  • Tell me about a workplace conflict you were involved in, either with your peers or someone else in the company. How did you manage that conflict, and were you able to resolve it?…

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