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7 lessons you’re learning from blogging

Blogging concept.

The amazing thing about blogging is discovering your niche and a whole community of people out there who share your interests and appreciate your insights when it’s done well.

Whether it’s a labor of love or a paycheck (and hopefully a combination of the two), those hours logged in front of the computer creating stellar content are teaching you some valuable lessons, according to Kelly Teng at Prologger.

The gift of words

…When you blog, you have to think up creative and interesting ways to convey your content to your readers, and also you have to articulate your thoughts clearly and express yourself well. Although you may not notice it, your writing has improved. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your first few posts and compare them to what you are writing now…

Time management

Blogging is almost like a crash-course in time management. You have to manage your regular job (if you have one), your family, writing, answering emails, scheduling posts, and formatting and designing your blog. You have to coordinate taking photos for a post with making lunch or dinner for your kids. You have to be as punctual as possible with your posts and comment responses; if you don’t, your readership stays stagnant or falters. You have to check and reply to emails quickly as well, because often opportunity can come knocking, get impatient, and leave…

Full story at Problogger.

The unrealized lessons of blogging.

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