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7 myths of social media for B2B businesses

While there are many who believe there are fewer benefits for B2B companies with want to get involved with social media, this presentation discusses why B2Bs should consider social sites and highlights seven “myths” about B2B social media.

Here are just two of the myths, for instance, from a summary of points posted on Convince & Convert:

“Social Media Isn’t Worth the Trouble for B2B”

Quite the opposite is true. Because there are fewer overall customers, the advocacy impact of an individual customer in B2B is magnified. Further, B2B purchases are often highly researched, making reviews/recommendations/content/search more important. All of these are positively impacted by social media.

“How B2C Uses Social Media Doesn’t Apply”

A 2009 study by MarketingProfs found that all companies, regardless of model and size, are predominately using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and Linkedin. So, if the tactics are often the same, how does B2C not apply?

Full story at Convince & Convert.

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