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7 reasons your company blog is bombing


Companies don’t have time to waste on endeavors that aren’t boosting business, so if your blog doesn’t seem to be taking off, it’s time to find out what’s weighing it down.

That’s where this tough love article by Timothy Carter at Successful and Outstanding Bloggers comes in handy with seven kinks that could be tripping up your best efforts.

Problem 1: You Bore People

Simply put, you’ve got nothing on your blog that people want to read. You don’t ask them questions, get them thinking, or engage their emotions. Your blog could contain the most useful information in the world, but it won’t do you any good if people fall asleep halfway through your first paragraph.

Solution: Spice Things up a Bit

Add pictures to give visual representations of what you’re talking about. Maybe toss in a relevant video or two. Engage people’s emotions and make them feel things other than boredom and crushing apathy! Give them something in the content to care about, rather than write like you’re slapping together a technical manual you know nobody is ever going to read.

Full story at Successful and Outstanding Bloggers.

Boosting your blog.

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