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7 reasons your social media marketing isn’t taking off


Has your social media marketing lost that sparkle? Does it not seem to paying the same dividends as other companies in your niche?

Anna Macky at McKremie has seven places to look for the weak link in your marketing strategy so you can start the new year off with a bang not a whimper.

Lacking Goals That Are Clear

If you are someone who is just sharing content with no goal in mind this is the reason as to why your marketing efforts are not paying off. Social media marketing is just like any other type of marketing – you must have an outcome that you are working towards. For example, are you trying to get more subscribers to your website or do you want more traffic to your website? Once you have a goal in place you then no what you are working towards. Without one it is obviously going to seem as though your marketing efforts are going to waste.

Unreal Expectations

Goals are something that is very important yet at the same time it is also important to make sure that the goals that you are aiming for are ones that are actually achievable. Social media marketing results is not something that is going to happen overnight. Instead it is one of the long term marketing strategies that internet marketers use. With that being said social media should not be the only marketing strategy that you are using.

Full story at McKremie.

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