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7 signs of a nervous breakdown

Technically speaking, a nervous breakdown has never been defined specifically by psychology, yet when stress gets to the point of overwhelming your ability to function on a daily basis, there is a serious problem that demands attention.

Erin Engle, PsyD, of Columbia University explains seven signs you’ve reached a breaking point.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression

“Anxiety and depression are common, common reactions [to stress],” says Engle. “Where you get into problems is when that stressor is ongoing and persistent, and the person’s coping resources are overwhelmed.” If you’re headed for a nervous breakdown, you might feel weepy, or even experience episodes of uncontrollable crying, says Engle. Some people suddenly struggle with self-esteem and confidence. “Feeling guilt is a big one,” she adds.

Sleeping too much, or not enough

A change in your sleep habits is another warning sign, says Engle. “Some people find that they go into sleep overdrive,” she says. “Sleep becomes an escape.” Others may develop insomnia because their brain is in overdrive. They may lay awake at night ruminating, she says, “mentally rehearsing situations over and over again that have no solution.”

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Time to get help.

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