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7 tips for becoming an industry authority


We all dream of the day we’ll be considered an expert in our field of choice and receive the accolades such a position deserves, but there’s more to being considered a leader than just know-how and talent.

Lewis Howes at Entrepreneur has seven recommendations for moves you can make to attain those lofty heights to improve the visibility of your business and garner attention for your entrepreneurial enterprises.

1. Think like a leader. For entrepreneurs, this might go without saying, but your life and business will change the moment you begin to think like a leader. Leaders aren’t focused on trying to maintain the status quo. They’re focused on doing what must be done to ensure growth and profitability in the future, which is not an easy road to take.

2. Innovate. New things get noticed. This means you can’t be afraid to present something new to your market, even if it’s just a variation or an addition to an already-existing product or service. Simply innovating doesn’t guarantee success, but you’ll learn far more from the risks you take than by maintaining the status quo.

3. Keep the lines of communication open. Your clients are critical to your business. Don’t lose touch with who they are and why they’ve chosen to do business with you. That means call or send a friendly email every couple weeks to stay in contact. This also means you keep up with key employees who interact with your clients on a day-to-day basis. The moment you lose touch with your market, you’re done.

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How to become an authority.

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