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7 tips for creating a blog


Nothing has the power to portray the personality of your company quite like a blog, but starting from scratch can be an intimidating process.

If this is the year you’re determined to get it off the ground, though, this article by Erika Rossi-Raia at Shift Digital Media is a great place to start.

1.) Sign up online to create your own blog. The key is to find a blog that allows you to post and manage your content in an easy to use content management system and share with your social media networks. My personal favorite is WordPress but there are many others that are just as good including Blogger, Blog and Tumblr.

2.) Determine your goals for this blog. Are you a weekend blogger that wants to share your travel experiences or personal hobbies? If so, a free blog on WordPress or Blogger will work for you to begin and you can always upgrade later. Or, if you are representing a company and will be blogging more frequently (2 or more times per week), I recommend you invest in paid hosting and your own domain. You may even consider hiring a designer to customize your blog to match your brand.

Full story at Shift Digital Media.

How to start blogging.

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