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7 tips for creating a sustainable career in art

If you had the guts to major in art and admit it to your peers, you’ve probably gotten plenty of grief about finding a “real job,” yet with everything we read and hear about following your passion, why can’t an artist also make a go of it?

Sure, talent and training are helpful but if it’s a sustainable career you’re after, these seven tips from Tim Cynova at Hyperallergic could help you take that next big step.

(1) Practice your networking.

Find opportunities to meet new people, expand your professional network, and get recognized by influential players. This includes supporting other people’s art, joining professional associations, organizing a panel discussion, or volunteering at a local arts organization or project…

(2) Be a well-informed arts professional.

Expand your knowledge of what’s happening in your desired field by signing up for newsletters, reading industry trades, and searching for applicable studies. Today’s online marketplace of ideas offers a rich selection of food for thought to keep artists intellectually sated…

Full story at Hyperallergic.

Making art your job.

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