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7 tips for targeting the senior demographic


While plenty of businesses have the younger market firmly in their sites, there’s a wide-open field of opportunity for marketers in the boomer-plus demographic just waiting to be found.

If you want to make your business the go-to brand for these savvy customers, marketing experts Dan S. Kennedy and Chip Kessler have seven tips for making a splash in the senior pool.

1. Authorship

…[W]riting a book conveys expert status and a bit of celebrity. Even if the book you write is read only by your prospective clients, patients or customers, a book can make you famous right where you live. Who else has written a book in your marketplace in your locale? Probably no one. And if there should be someone, what better way to fight fire with fire than getting your own book published?

2. Public speaking, like authorship, carries a cultural imprimatur of specialness.

Teaching does as well. If you speak or teach, you should let others know to increase others’ respect for you as an individual and an expert in your field. Providing depth of content in articles and blogs and an online presence also builds on your status as an authority.

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Selling yourself to seniors.

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