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7 ways to be a lousy blogger


The online world is so packed full of great advice for every conceivable occupation that you might be getting tired of all that optimism and need a good, old-fashioned dose of “Don’t do that” just like Mom used to dish up, so sit back and take a few lessons from Karol K of YoungPrePro blog, as she lays down the law of what not to do when blogging.

Habit 1. Not proofreading

This is the first sin bloggers make. I know that crafting a nice blog post takes time. You need to do your research, prepare the resources, and finally write the thing using a number of relevant links and keep all the SEO optimizations in mind … there’s really a lot to do.

In all this commotion, it’s easy to overlook one simple thing: proofreading. The fact is that proofreading is one of the most important phases of crafting a blog post. Without it, you’re not using the potential of your post effectively—some readers will simply be discouraged with all the grammatical errors you’ve made.

My advice is this: proofread your posts at least once. In addition, use a plugin like After the Deadlinefor some extra help (it provides automatic proofreading)…

Habit 2. Not networking

Did you know that 80% of your blog’s success depends on the people you know, not on the content you write? You didn’t? That’s because I made that statistic up!

Whatever the stats, I’m sure the benefits of reaching out to your fellow bloggers are pretty clear to you. Building a successful site is always easier if you have someone you can contact for help, or for a joint venture proposition…

Full story at ProBlogger.

Be a better blogger.

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