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7 ways volunteering gives back to the giver


We’d all like to make more time to volunteer, but when there’s a time crunch between work, kids and other obligations, we often put it at the bottom of the to-do list. Like exercise, which keeps it company down there, volunteering does a body good, and not just for the warm, fuzzy feelings it brings.

The folks over at Online Psychology Degree provide seven ways volunteering gives back to the volunteer to make it a full-circle experience that’s well worth our time.

1. Lower mortality rates:

Volunteering has been linked to lower mortality rates in adults. Perhaps this has something to do with the other health claims listed here, such as increased physical activity, reduced stress, and renewed sense of purpose. Those who stay active and have low stress levels may be less likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other deadly health conditions.

2. Increased physical activity:

Volunteering assignments that include physical activity like cleaning up parks, playing with kids, and walking dogs are all opportunities to break a sweat and burn calories. This increase in activity, combined with regular exercise, is a great way to stay healthy and keep the weight off.

Full story at Online Psychology Degree.

Does a body and soul good.

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