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8 awe-inspiring advancements in material science


From bone glue to clothing that instantly transforms into body armor, the field of material science is today working on a whole host of substances that could dramatically transform the face of tomorrow. Delana at WebUrbanist describes eight of these amazing inventions and how they could be applied in every day life.

NeverWet (above)

If you find yourself constantly spilling food on your clothes or dropping your phone in the toilet, NeverWet is one of those futuristic products you’ll want to stock up on as soon as possible. It’s a superhydrophobic spray that causes liquids, ice, dirt, bacteria and basically everything else to simply roll right off of treated surfaces. It keeps clothes and shoes clean, but that’s not the limit of NeverWet’s talents. It can also keep house siding clean, prevent rust on outdoor equipment and keep bathrooms free of bacteria.



Petroleum-based plastics are used in so many of the products we enjoy every day, but they are not at all healthy for the planet. A new type of plastic-like material called Arboform could be used in the same ways as traditional plastics but with a much lower environmental impact. Arboform is made of waste products left over from the production of paper mixed with natural resins. It’s just as durable and versatile as petroleum-based plastics but it’s biodegradable and recyclable.

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New frontiers in material science.

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