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8 awesome unofficial Disney days

The thought of the crowds during official holidays at a Disney park is enough to make even the strongest of psyches quake, but if you’ve already made your park reservations and it happens to fall on one of these unofficial Disney days, it could be — and I say this as one who has logged many a dismal, exhausting hour in Disney parks — a good time.

Bats Day

Billing itself as the “largest dark subcultural event on the West Coast,” Bats Day is an annual event where goths, lolitas, rockabilies, steampunks and other subcultures with an interest in the darker things in life meet up at the park. There are three officially sanctioned photo events, one in front of the castle, one in front of the Haunted Mansion (with smaller groups) and one for the goth kiddos in front of the Sword in the Stone.

While originally just a meet up for goths, the event has gained a lot of steam over the years and now includes all number of subcultures and a number of events outside the park during that weekend, including a special dinner, a goth club night, a Black Market and an art show. Bats Day typically takes place in May, so if you want to visit the next one, check in on their website as it gets closer to that time of year.

Lolita Day

For Lolita purists who don’t want to deal with all the goths and other subculture folk there on Bats Day, Lolita Day is a dedicated day for those obsessed with the Japanese harajuku fashion. Scheduled to take place sometime in October, it’s also set during a month that’s much more suitable to wearing elaborate, layered dresses all day in Anaheim.

Full story at Neatorama.

Extra fun at Disney.

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