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8 great beaches for tidal pool exploration


If your idea of beautiful beach creatures aren’t those clothed in barely-there bikinis, there’s a whole other world of wildlife waiting to be discovered in tidal pools.

Melissa Breyer at Treehugger has collected a list of eight destinations for those who don’t mind getting down and dirty with nature off the beach volleyball court, but don’t forget to bring the sunscreen anyway.

1. Chesterman Beach: Tofino, British Columbia

Beautifully situated on Vancouver Island’s Pacific coast, Chesterman Beach is one of Canada’s most famous beaches and it boasts some stunning tide pools.

The tide here retreats to reveal seemingly endless pools and puddles in the worn granite, which play home to mussels, barnacles, chitons, sea slugs, hermit crabs, minnows, and a host of other marine creatures.

2.Shi Shi Beach: Olympic National Park, Washington

Named “best nature beach” by the Travel Channel, Shi Shi is considered by many to have the best tide pools in the lower 48. Found within the spectacular Olympic National Park, the beach is studded with sea stacks, bluffs, arches and plenty of tide pools.

You’ll find an abundance of mussels along with sea stars, razor clams, limpets, chitons, hermit crabs and sea cucumbers. But go for the sea anemones. Shi Shi has some of the best to offer. Only one caveat (or boon, depending on your perspective) — it’s a two-mile hike to the pools.

Full story at Treehugger.

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