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8 habits of effective communicators

We’ve all experienced the e-mail or text that’s been interpreted the wrong way, and the easiest way to clear up the awkwardness is communicating the old school way: in person.

If you’re a bit out of practice thanks to an avalanche of digital means of communication, here are eight habits of effective communicators to remind us all of how it’s done.

1. Stop talking.

In other words, stop what you’re doing and eliminate your distractions in the moment. Then give the speaker your full attention. What you’re communicating nonverbally is “I am interested in what you have to say.”

2. Put the other person at ease.

You do that by first putting yourself at ease. Get relaxed; use door openers like “What’s up? Anything I can help you with?” Have open body language and posture, don’t rush the conversation, and give the speaker time to think and process his or her thoughts.

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The foundation of strong relationships.

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