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8 things to do when a friend starts crying

Crying isn’t an action we’re all taught to deal with effectively, often because we hold staying in control of our emotions in such high esteem.

The thing is, crying happens, and if you want to help and don’t know what to do, Lifehack’s Genia Simok has eight suggestions to show you care.

The most important, though, is to listen. Even close friends don’t necessarily reveal the whole story before the tears start flowing, but a pat on the back and a willingness to listen is always a winning strategy.

1. Give Them a Cup of Hot Chocolate.

Sit down with them, give them a cup of hot chocolate. Have him or her vent it out with no interruptions. A best friend of mine once told me “I dislike it when a person stops me from venting and gives me their opinion on what to do without asking me.” When he shared the message to me, it was crazy that never came to my mind. While it is nice to have opinions, listening it better.

2. Hug It Out

Grab him or her tightly. Hold them while they are crying on your shoulder. For me, when I am hugging a friend, I like to give them a small pat on the back, while I am holding them.

Full story at Lifehack.

Because sad happens.

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