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8 ways to make waking up easier

If getting out of bed is the worst part of your day, try starting off on a better foot with these eight tips on easing into wakefulness.

The best part is they don’t all involve gadgets, just getting into a few simple habits to make the break from that soft, cozy bed.

1. Get one foot onto the floor. This is a trick that I read a long time ago in a magazine, and it totally works. I don’t remember what magazine or who made this recommendation, but this foot-on-the-floor thing has saved me from being late on countless mornings. Try it!

2. Stretch it out. I don’t mean getting up and doing yoga. Just do a big, general stretch, right there in the bed. Getting your muscles moving and your blood flowing helps wake you up. If even getting a foot onto the floor seems impossible, a stretch can help you push yourself out of sleep.

Full story at Care2.

Start the day off right.

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