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81 things you can compost


Worms eating your garbage might not sound like a trendy practice at homes across America, but more and more people are hopping on the composting bandwagon. If you’ve purchased a dirt pile of worms, but feel unsure about what to feed the little wigglies, MNN can help with a handy list of 81 compost-friendly things.

A sampling:

1. Dryer lint

2. “Dust bunnies”

3. The insides of a vacuum bag (just empty the bag into the compost bin)

4. The contents of your dustpan (just use discretion)

5. Coffee grounds

6. Coffee filters

7. Tea bags/loose leaf tea

8. Soy/rice/almond/etc milk

9. Nut shells (but not walnut, which may be toxic to plants)

10. Pumpkin/sunflower/sesame seeds (chop them to ensure they won’t grow)

11. Avocado pits (chop them up so they won’t sprout)

12. Pickles

13. Stale tortilla chips/potato chips

14. Stale crackers

15. Crumbs (bread or other baked goods)

16. Old breakfast cereal

17. Bran (wheat or oat, etc)

18. Seaweed/nori/kelp

19. Tofu/tempeh

20. Frozen fruits and vegetables

Full list at MNN.

Go green.

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