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9 characteristics of artists that are good for business


One big buzzword in today’s business circles is “innovation,” and who better to consult about the creative process than the people who make innovation their life’s work?

Though the art and business departments couldn’t be farther apart on your typical college campus, that doesn’t mean there aren’t valuable lessons to be learned by crossing that unspoken line in the sand.

Frog Design at PSFK offers nine lessons the business world can learn from artists to tap their creative potential during office hours in ways that will delight rather than disturb the boss.

1. Artists are “neophiles.” They are in love with novelty and have an insatiable appetite for finding and creating new connections, for inventing and reinventing, even themselves. Art means changing the meaning of things or creating new meanings. That’s exactly what innovation is all about. Like artists,great innovators seek to create “black swans.” They know that variance, through the deliberate disruption of mental models and behavioral routines, creates that rare combination of awe that is characteristic of groundbreaking innovations.

2. Artists are humanists. They are experts of the “human condition” and observe human desires, needs, emotions, and behavior with a sharp, discerning eye and a high degree of empathy. As the archeologists of human vulnerabilities and as genuine ethnographic researchers, they can feel with and for others, which should be every innovator’s distinct strength as well.

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The intersection of business and art.

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